{"unitKey":"PIXEL","unitValue":1,"drawingScale":1,"findAllElementAtPoint":1,"optimizeZoom":false,"mantainAspectRatio":false,"interactionLabelVisibility":false,"svgAlignmentPreserveAspectRatio":"xMinYMid slice","snap":{"distance":10,"offsetDistance":50,"snapToPoints":true,"snapToContour":true,"snapToPerpendicular":true,"snapToTangent":true,"snapToIntersection":true,"snapToCenter":true,"snapToGrid":true,"snapToOffset":true,"snapToAngles":true,"snapAngleList":[30,45],"useSmartPoints":true,"useSmartGuides":true},"fixedDecimals":0,"rulersVisibility":true,"gridVisibility":true,"elementOriginVisibility":true,"gridStep":1,"origin":{"x":0,"y":0},"selectMainNodes":true,"scaleStrokeAndEffects":false,"scaleText":true,"moveStep":1,"rotateStep":45} APPLICATIONS 2D / 3D Graphics web ApplicationsSVG Vector Graphic EditorSVG Vector Graphic EditorWebGL 3D configuratorWebGL 3D configuratorapplications and services for product design and configurationDOMUS 3D3D Product configurator - webGLJANVASSVG Vector Graphic EditorCONTACTSCONSULTINGCUSTOM SOLUTIONSInspector propertiesInspector panels allow you to inspect and set the properties of SVG elements like: position, rotation, size, stroke and fill.Vector Graphics Editor Create and Edit SVG onlineVector Graphics Editor Create and Edit SVG onlinewww.janvas.comwww.janvas.comwww.domusplanner.comwww.domusplanner.comAccurate snapsThanks to smart snaps, you can easily align objects with each other. The pointer can be snapped to: start, end and middle points, contour, tangent, perpendicular, offset, bounding box, and any kind of graphic intersection.Pages - LayersThe SVG document is is structured with pages.You can create multi-page documents in any format and size. Each page is structure with layers. You can toggle the visibility and lock the layers.Scene 3DThe "3D Scene" view shows the 3D project with the products chosen from the library. You can save and open saved projects. Saved projects can be emailed. The recipient of the email can open the project and edit and resend it if necessary.Simbol libraryThe "Library" contains all the products organized by categories and sub categories. By selecting a category, all the articles belonging to it are shown.About Domus 3DDomus 3D is a web application for configuring 3D products online. It is usable for both desktop and mobile systems.About JanvasJanvas, is a Graphic Editor for Designers, illustrators and Developers. Janvas use SVG as standard document file. All web browsers can open this standard.1122www.janvas.comwww.janvas.comwww.domusplanner.comwww.domusplanner.comDrawing toolsThe powerful drawing tools allow you to create and edit vector graphics with simple and precise procedures. You can create geometric shapes like: line, circle, ellipse, rectangle, arc, text and, with pen and pencil, create any complex shape. All shapes are parametric objects. Google DriveShare your projects online with Google Drive. Your documents will always be with you, wherever you go. Janvas is designed for work groups that collaborate and share projects online. It is the ideal solution for schools and professionals.InteractivityCreate interactive content and websites without using scripts. If you are a developer you can create Widgets and Games in SVG using javascript, HTML and CSS.Standard SVG document formatJanvas uses the standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. This means that a file created with Janvas can be opened by any web browser and by the many applications.PDF ReportThe "Report" creates a complete list of the articles present in the 3D project with all the associated information based on the type of user (language, currency, price list). The report print also contains the image of the 3D scene. The report can be downloaded in PDF or XLS format