XOSIDE v1.0 Beta - Online Code Editor
Create web applications with HTML5, Javascript, PHP, CSS and XML directly online.
Code Editor - Javascript, HTML, PHP, CSS and XML
XOSIDE allows you to develop HTML5 applications directly online. Thanks to the Codemirror library developed by Marijn Haverbeke (codemirror.net) we have created an ambient online with everything you need for the development of web applications.

Online Development
During the development of web applications offline is often forced to perform many repetitive steps. With a classic offline code editor you need a ftp access, edit, save and upload files to test the application. With XOSIDE everything is extremely simplified since we are already online. You do not need an offline editor, it is not necessary to have ftp access and do not need to save and upload the edited file to see the result. Simply save the changes and reload the application page. To place files online such as images or other files, you can simply drag the files from your computer and drop them over a folder of XOSIDE "File Browser".


File Browser
The "File Browser" allows you to navigate through the files of source code. Allows you to create folders and files. The interaction with it is entirely similar to how it usually happens with the editing of files offline. You can create, rename, move and copy files using drag and drop.

Upload - Download
The "File Browser" allows you to upload files from your desktop by simply dragging and dropping them over a folder online. All files and folders can also be downloaded offline ( into a compressed zip format).

Multi-user access
XOSIDE allows multi-user access, enabling the development of shared projects. For each user can be defined a folder as "root" of his files.

Code Editor
XOSIDE implements the JavaScript CodeMirror component (codemirror.net) created by Marijn Haverbeke. Codemirror is the engine of XOSIDE that colors the code and performs a variety of tasks, such as controlling the source code, indentation and more.

Open Source
XOSIDE is "open source" like the "CodeMirror" component. XOSIDE was developed using parts of our XOS Framework and the source is available.

XOSIDE is compatible with browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. Some features such as upload files via drag and drop from your computer to XOSIDE File Browser, are only available for Chrome. The server portion of XOSIDE was built with PHP 5.3.0.

If you have a web site hosted on linux or windows platform with PHP 5.3.0 you already have everything you need. After downloading XOSIDE, upload all the contents via Ftp to your web space (into some folder).

Open the config.php file and read the instructions on how to create your username, your password and your root path folder.

At this point open the "XOSIDE/index_EN.php" file with the browser, enter your username and your password into the form. if everything is correctly configured, by clicking on the virtual hard drive you should see all the files (if presents) inside the root path folder . XOSIDE is at version 1.0 beta, but from the start you will realize its usefulness and what it means really develop online.

Happy Development
Riccardo Della Martire